Micro-touristic events, 2007- ...
©Julie Goergen

This work consists in a series of short video sequences (max 3min), recorded mainly during my travels. I have been developing this collection work for three years already and I intent to continue in order to put together a substantial collection. I am mainly filming on touristic spots, as a result the footages are marked by local colour, many are recorded from a moving vehicle.
Other, less touristic groups emerge: Birds, nevertheless indirectly related to travel if you think of migratory birds. I neither ignore the private sphere. Some videos have for object daily life scenes: some more intimate, other more mundane. In these films the notion of tourism is also present: allowing for a renewed perception of everyday life transformed by notations of unexpected and endowed with irony. Adopting the position of the «interstice traveller»: the tourist who, in daily life situations reinvents viewing from a distance necessary for experimenting strangeness and the joy of discovery.

Videos : 37'', 1'07'', 1'43'', 44''

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