Bill Gates House Tour, 2009
©Julie Goergen
Performance / Sculpture
Wood sticks, 170 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm

Casino - Luxembourg (LU) [3.12.2011]

This work consists of a guided tour of Bill Gates House. I reproduced the High-Tech mansion of the world famous tycoon: the foundations, his plot of land and all the 12 components of the house (Pool building, Grand stair case, Gates house, Reception hall...). The sculpture is a simple structure, 170 cm long and 60 cm large, made of thin wood sticks. The Residence is reduced to an architectural skeleton that decomposes itself little by little as the performance goes on. I use a trash tongs to pick the different parts of the house in order to present them to the audience. The structure is first on the ground, but as the elements get picked up, the geometrical parts are something halfway between drawings and sculptures and reveal themselves as a drawings in space. In fact, during the performance, the dream house is completely demystified in a way. It is a parody but also a tribute to Bill Gates house. I intended to raise the question of the object of art: the house is not really a static sculpture, because it is made to be used in the Performance. A metamorphosis of the object takes place. Bill Gates house Tour can be enacted in different place. I decided to sell tickets to do the performance on house call (home delivery).