Netwerk Theatrical Trailer, 2010
©Julie Goergen(Video-Performance), Fleur Alexandre (Camera), Antoine Debeauvais (Editing)
Video 7: 43 min

Netwerk trailer is a video that I made for the exhibition Preview at «Etablissement d’en face» in Brussels. The concept of this collective exhibition was to be a trailer that would announce our summer exhibition at «Netwerk Centrum» (Aalst). Therefore, I did a pastiche of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho theatrical trailer, where he escorts the viewer on a tour of the location of his motion picture. Hitchcock guides us trough the empty motel and Old house, almost like a real estate agent, describing the rooms and giving information about the characters and action of his movie. His commentary is very witty and full of suspense, because he always stops and moves to the next place, just when he is about to give a crucial information or clue about the crime. I was fascinated by this trailer because it met my artistic preoccupation about the relationship between architecture-body and language/discourse. Also Hitchcock’s charisma inspired me. Therefore, overwhelmed by this trailer, I decided to re-enact his performance. I only changed the context: the mimicry took place at “Netwerk Centrum” (the hosting place for our next exhibition).

In my video, I wanted to show the museum empty space as «scene of the crime». More importantly this game of «détournement»/ displacement in time and space was a pretext to question the Institutional Space / Museum architecture.

The Museum architecture is disassembled into several sequence shot. The usual Hierarchy of the institutional space is abolished. The contemporary art centre is reduced to an inventory of staircases, windows, opening and closing doors. Even the «behind-of the scenes quarters» of the institution, (like conference room, offices, corridors) are presented in the same way than the actual exhibitions rooms. One of the reasons why, I am Adopting Hichcock’s «real estate» discourses, is to avoid the institutional art talk but still be able to raise questions that are relevant for me in my work about space and body articulation.